fimcen offers two distinct engagement options to suit your project’s needs. No matter which service you choose, fimcen’s reliable team of experts will guide you throughout each step. Each engagement option considers your needs, goals and budget.

Subscription Based

Subscription Based

This service is ideal for when you need a continuous stream of work done or you need to have control over which projects are completed and when. Subscription  based services are available for both project estimation and drafting services.

The cost for subscription will be based on the head count needed for your business on a monthly cycle. This gives you the flexibility to scale your own team with your business.

Fimcen will provide the personal hardware, software, premises, and any other employment related costs.

How It Works Fimcen

Project Based

Giving you flexibility, our project estimation and drafting services are available on a  project by project basis. This is ideal for when you’re not concerned about lead times.

For consultancy services, an hourly, weekly and monthly rate can be provided.


Morgan Green | Mg Consulting

We are proud to partner with Fimcen and, in fact, like to think of the Fimcen personnel as part of our broader team. Since we started working together over two years ago, Fimcen have built a strong level of trust in the quality and timeliness of their work, so much so that we have expanded their scope over time. The team are hard-working and skilled in providing valuable estimating, drawing and related administrative services. What’s more, Neelan looks for opportunities to collaborate and work with us to make improvements to support future growth. We really rate Neelan and the team.

Peter Thomas

Commercial Director, APS Industrial

Morgan Green | Mg Consulting

Fimcen have been instrumental in providing guidance for designs and concepts to ensure we could maximise the applications of our products in line with standards.

Morgan Green

MG Consulting

Morgan Green | Mg Consulting

We engaged fimcen to help us grow our resources in the drafting department quickly and efficiently. We employ fimcen on a project-by-project basis for the moment and their work has been timely and to our quality standard. Fimcen adds further value by creating tools to help improve speed and consistency. They have helped me to work on the business as opposed to, in the business.

Sam Ryan


Electric Drafting & Design Company


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