Our Service

Offering consists of Consultancy, CAD Drafting / CAD Drawing & Estimation to find out more detail on our offer please scroll down:

Consultancy and ensineering support Engineering Services


  • Understanding your business objectives and supporting you to create a plan and processes for achieving those goals.
  • Providing help on process development to help you implement systems that will drive efficiency in your assembly  process.
  • Develop new product ideas to minimise errors and faults in assembly.
  • Implement repeatability in you process to increase output.
  • Help with adopting software or software development for custom solutions

CAD Drafting / CAD Drawing

CAD Drafting Offer

We specialise in electrical drafting services or CAD drafting, namely drafting switchboards and drawing distribution boards.

We can provide you with an electrical design based on either:

  • A sketch and bill of materials provided by you
  • A single line drawing provided by you

You can specify the manufacturer you would like us to use.

Be confident in the output as our CAD Drafters  are fully qualified Drafters.

Consultancy and ensineering support Engineering Services
CAD Drafting, Design Support and engineering

What we need:

  • CADblocks of your switchboard system or we can help you develop them
  • Guide on preferences or an installation manual for your switchboard system
  • Other tools which will aid in the delivery of the final product you seek


A DB can be completed in 1 business day.*

A Main switchboard takes approximately 3-5 business days.*

NOTE: Unless a single line drawing is provided, fimcen cannot provide you with a connection diagram.

* All lead times are subject to workload scheduling and are dependent on the level of complexity.

CAD Drafting, Design Support and engineering

Project Estimation

Project Estimation and Engineering support functions

Electrical Estimating Support

Fimcen can support your business to do the tedious work of project cost estimation.

Our strengths lie in commercial and industrial electrical estimating.

We will:

  • Analyse the project specification
  • Compare the performance of selected manufacturer against the specification
  • Create a component list 
  • Prepare your bid the way you want it
  • Drawing layout for each DB & MSB configuration (no connection diagram provided)

Discrimination Studies

Further optional engineering support  functions such as discrimination and selectivity studies can also be carried out at a further cost.

Project Estimation CAD Drafting Engineering suppport

Engagement Options

Project based services

Our services are available on a project by project basis.

This option is ideal when you are not concerned about the leadtimes involved for completing the service.

This method is available for both Project Estimation and for Drafting services.

For consultancy services an hourly, weekly or monthly rate can be provided.

Subscription based services

This service is best when you have reliable flow of work which needs to be completed or you need to have control on which projects are completed and when .

The cost will be based on the head count that you need for your business on a monthly cycle, which gives you the flexibility to scale your crew with your business.

Fimcen will provide the personnel, hardware, software, premises and other employment related costs. This method is available for both Project Estimation and for Drafting services.